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We would like to share some lovely feedback we have received. 

"Today’s session with Tracy was excellent and brought a lot of bubbling issues & concerns to the fore, to then be given coping mechanisms & strategies to handle issues was immeasurable.

Tracy was such a positive reassuring person, a joy to be around. Her comforting tone made you feel at ease & free to speak without fear of ridicule.

I found the session very powerful, helped me to make sense of feelings of guilt that have been underlying for months now following the various Covid lockdowns & working from home.

Tracy’s explanations were clear & easy to interpret, allowing me to make sense of a lot of anxiety that is very deep set.

Although I had similar intervention many many years ago, Tracy’s strategies were all new to me, reframing; create a new story; stick to facts not assuming things; positive affirmation; reconnecting; relaxation practise at the end.

I found it hugely beneficial, I’m so glad I got to attend the webinar.

Very much looking forward to our follow up webinar & hope to speak to Tracy in the meantime for some additional support."


‘A very positive session with Tracy, who actually stoked emotions in me I didn’t realise I was feeling.  Helped put things into perspective and to put negativity on the backburner and to concentrate on the positives, to think about the strategy on facts and assumptions.  I am doing well.’


"Tracey outlined some really useful coping strategies.   We have all been experiencing stress, anxiety and negativity during the last few months- the session made me at least feel that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way, that it’s ok to feel like this but that it’s also within my gift to “close that story and write a new one!”.  Really positive to undertake this as a team. 

It wasn’t just another old wellbeing session it was well constructed with some robust CBT techniques and principles- I am really keen to hear more about what CYCA could offer.  It was also lovely to see Tracey again."


"I thought the session was really informative, it has made me want to focus more on the positives around me. It’s been difficult for me starting a new role during lockdown as I have felt that I’m not doing enough, even though I’m working non-stop.

As Tracy said a small change can make a big difference, so I’m going to try to be kinder to myself and value my role as a person."


"A great session that helped remind me that I’m doing ok! Will be reminding myself to ‘reframe’ and re-connect."

"I found it enjoyable and calming, I was grateful for the conversations about turning our stories into positive ones, and to believe in the positives that will happen.

I don’t like think about how I see myself, however the affirmations were a great idea and I have written them inside my diary as a reminder."

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