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We help build family resilience by giving you the tools to cope with life’s challenge, through mentoring, therapy and family support.

CYCA is the home of the Wales Emotional Health & Wellbeing Centre of Excellence. Our core work over the last 40 years has been supporting children and young people. The more work we have done to support young people, the more we have understood recurring themes, issues, and solutions. Over the years we came to realise that treating just one part or one problem does not build resilience. We need to support the whole family unit, and in ways that are relevant to them. To this end we have developed a suite of support services for the families of the children and young people we work with. 

We work with a cross-section of society across Carmarthenshire and now, thanks to our online support services, we are supporting those most in need across Wales. 




Inspiring Children

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