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“The Heart of the Community 3 Year Lottery funded project will help families realise their potential and help others realise theirs by bringing in the heart back into the community”

CYCA have developed an emotional health and wellbeing multifunctional hub based at CYCA Dragon Centre, where families can access of up to 6-months of support, delivered and broken down into three phases of emotional first aid support underpinned by CYCAs resilience model and 5 ways to wellbeing. Each phase will provide opportunities to build a range of tools and skills to support families to thrive.

The project supports families who:

  • Are looking to improve their family's wellbeing
  • Looking for opportunities to access a range of activities and wellbeing being support
  • Interested in becoming Volunteers and Community Ambassador Volunteers

After the 6-month support programme we will support Individuals who wish to become Community Volunteer Ambassadors who will support developing a peer-led programme and undertake bespoke training and supervised practice.


For more information please contact Lianna Davies or Julie Thomas 

“I can’t put into words what CYCA have done for me since I joined last summer. I have improved my own mental health and my children and even my husband have joined me on activities. The childcare and transport aspect are so vital to some of use and the staff are so accommodating to our needs. They have supported my son for his ALN diagnosis also, and I can honestly say all our lives have improved since coming here.”
“I have made new friends and learnt a lot of information which will help me raise my son.”
“I am part of a community when I come to CYCA.”
“I have enjoyed being part of a group in a safe place.”

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